CNN+, the news media company’s streaming service

CNN officially has a new digital channel with the launch of CNN+.

“We’re going to be the only global video news subscription company,” Andrew Morse, CNN’s chief digital officer and head of CNN+, said this week at the unveiling of the subscription streaming service that combines live news coverage. and on-demand programming. and interactive interviews.

Through this new streaming platform, CNN is looking to build more intimate relationships with viewers, just as Netflix and other companies have done with entertainment.

With the hiring of hundreds of people and the development of several content segments for CNN+, the news giant is beginning to consolidate itself, according to analysts, as the most ambitious news company in the United States.

“Because we’re not doing a fixed linear feed, we can do a show that gets people up to speed in the morning. If it were to be five minutes one day, 15 minutes the next, we have the flexibility to make shows as long or as short as needed to meet customer needs,” said CNN Executive Alex MacCallum. product and general manager of CNN+, said.

Weekly products produced by CNN+ will feature established network personalities such as Anderson Cooper, while also featuring newcomers such as Audie Cornish and Scott Galloway.

Likewise, one of CNN’s most successful series, “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”, accessible through other platforms, will now be available exclusively on its streaming system, along with its acclaimed documentaries and specials.

With programming that includes eight daily news shows and talk shows, which will be presented live and on demand, CNN executives invite their users to experience and think about news coverage in a different way.

More than 10 new shows will premiere during the week, including “The Don Lemon Show” and “Jake Tapper’s Book Club.”

Although it was announced that CNN+ might be included in a special package at a later date, it is initially being presented as a standalone product for $5.99 per month.

One of the most notable segments of this new platform is the Interview Club, an interactive element subscribers can access to ask questions.

“Interview Club will allow subscribers to submit questions for moderators to share with expert guests. It was built from the ground up, from whiteboard to product,” said Robyn Peterson, CNN’s chief technology officer, who also added that “an immense amount of work has taken place behind the scenes to create a streaming platform that can eventually grow worldwide.

While the major news organizations (ABC, NBC and CBS) have free transmission channels with less content and in which advertising is included, CNN+ is ambitiously committed to working on information transmitted in video and the creation of new digital content for their specific audiences.

“CNN+ is separate from all of that. Still, the service faces headwinds, including impending management changes and outside skepticism about the service’s prospects,” the company pointed out, also indicating that the exact launch date has not been determined pending WarnerMedia, the company that owns CNN, merges with Discovery.

Peterson also pointed out:

CNN+ will be available on a key set of devices at launch – web, mobile and connected TVs – and will expand to new devices in the coming months.

“Nothing will change in CNN’s current experience on television or on CNN Digital. Anchors will continue to lead their existing shows, available via cable and satellite, and reporters will continue to publish stories on, the free, ad-supported website,” CNN emphasized while noting that “CNN+ is something different — partly out of necessity and partly out of creativity.

Cathy W. Howerton