Celebrating 5 years of undisputed leadership in digital marketing

New Delhi [India], May 3 (ANI/PNN): Technology is advancing hour by hour, and so is the world of advertising. Going back down the memory lane of 5 years, when the masses gradually turned to an improved mobile user experience and big bets on regional content growth, the founders of AdCounty Media identified the scope of providing industry-leading personalized advertising solutions beyond monetization and growth. The company, incorporated in 2017, began tapping into potential markets with

Aditya Jangid (Founder and Director): TCS alumnus with unparalleled expertise in technology and business. He is a product specialist with a deep appreciation for translating design and technology into business opportunity. AdCounty Media’s in-house app, VOOHOO, is the brainchild of this chief builder. Aditya firmly believes that creating a great product is an ongoing effort and is built on the three pillars of user experience, technology advancement, and revenue potential. Abbhinav R Jain (co-founder and COO): He is a scammer from the banking and telecommunications industry. Passionate about numbers, he is a precise analyst at heart. With a solid foundation in business operations, Abbhinav acts as a catalyst in delivering flawless performance marketing campaigns and professional customer service.

Delphin Varghese (Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer): During a 14-year career in the media industry, Delphin has played a central role in shaping commercial and media strategies for several brands. He is a storyteller at heart and a strategist constantly ready to take calculated risks. He believes the human touch is the only tool to bridge the gap between what consumers think and what companies sell. Kumar Saurav (Global Head of Mobile Business): Leading the Globel Mobile Business vertical at AdCounty, Kumar relies on extensive research and analysis to craft immaculate mobile marketing strategies. Having acquired extensive knowledge of media planning and buying, he is undeniably a talent hunter who knows how to create a winning team that delivers nothing less than the best.

The team collectively builds a brand that helps organizations achieve their marketing goals while expanding their digital footprint. With over two decades of experience in the industry, management has always brought to life the best set of multimedia solutions for its ever-expanding customer base. Five years after its inception, AdCounty Media has established itself as one of the top 10 advertising networks in India. He grew his team size from 5 to 50, establishing an exemplary model of team management. AdCounty caters to a heterogeneous customer base from over 20 countries with a base in India, UAE, Singapore and Indonesia, South Africa, Germany and Romania. The company sees a future of establishing itself as a product company and expanding its portfolio by investing in or launching joint ventures with technology start-ups. Having established itself as a multi-million dollar company, Team AdCounty soon sees itself expanding its base to over 50 countries.

At the foundation of the global advertising infrastructure AdCounty Media provides performance-driven mobile advertising and digital publishing solutions, empowering advertisers around the world. He has been recognized working with many brands and app owners across many verticals.

Further analysis reveals that AdCounty Media tapped into the following sectors of e-commerce, gaming, finance, lifestyle and utility brands, top clients BFSI, Education, QSR and FMCG. With expanding footprints in LATAM and Russia, AdCounty Media works tirelessly to build an irrefutable reputation in the global marketing arena. Foster a team spirit

AdCounty Media follows an employee-first ethic evident through the many measures it undertakes for the betterment of its team members. Despite the obstacles due to Covid, AdCounty has chosen to stand alongside its employees as a strong pillar of support. Each employee received a lump sum increase of 10% of their salary for two months over two consecutive years, 2020 and 2021, in the context of covid inflation. Apart from this, in 2021, each member was provided with covid insurance worth USD 6500 (INR 5 Lakh) to ensure their preparedness in the face of unprecedented adversity. Also, management continued with assessments, despite the covid situation. They strongly believe in fostering a work culture where employees learn and grow with the company. They advocate “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikaas”, just like our Prime Minister. The road to follow

Realizing the future of global digital marketing, AdCounty Media’s management has crafted a plan for the future to gain a no-nonsense advantage by leveraging the latest innovations. * Build an internal programmatic platform that will support all contemporary formats and integrations, benefiting affiliate advertisers and helping them acquire premium audience segments.

* Tap into the world of iGaming – This vertical has seen phenomenal growth around the world, even in the face of the pandemic, and management says they are aware of the demand they hold for the foreseeable future. Therefore, they are constantly working on developing skill-based games that will appeal to various age groups. * Short Video and Live Streaming – AdCounty Media has taken the next step by entering the ever-expanding market for live streaming and short video sharing apps with its native short video app, VOOHOO. The team said, “We are thrilled to get a positive response from users and the industry and will work continuously to make this the next big thing in the app market.”

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