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“Special Master”

Trump files lawsuit to stop FBI from examining Mar-a-Lago hideout

Former President Donald Trump has asked a Florida court to appoint a “special master” to review documents collected during the August 8 search at Mar-a-Lago. Granting the FBI unfettered access to the hideout would be a violation of its Fourth Amendment rights, Trump’s lawyers argued. The 21-page motion alleges that “the DOJ simply wanted the camel’s nose under the tent so they could scavenge for politically useful documents or support other efforts to prevent President Trump from running again.” Hours later, it emerged that the FBI had recovered more than 300 classified documents from Trump since he left office. (Source: The hill, NYT)

Funeral, finger pointing

Memorial held for Dugina as Russia accuses Ukraine of killing

Ultra-nationalist Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin spoke Tuesday morning at a memorial service in Moscow for his daughter Darya Dugina, who was killed by a car bomb that many believe was intended for her father. He said his death could only be appeased by a Russian victory in Ukraine. Earlier, President Vladimir Putin called the murder a “despicable crime” and Russia’s Federal Security Service announced it had already solved the case, saying the assassination was “planned and executed by special services Ukrainians”. Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, dismissed “Russian propaganda” from a “fictional world”. (Source: BBC)


Sensitive electoral system files were shared with Trump supporters

The data, obtained by lawyers trying to undo Trump’s 2020 election defeat, was downloaded dozens of times between December 2020 and February 2021. People who accessed the information – copied from the County of Coffee, Georgia, and County Antrim, Michigan – included Conan Hayes, a former surfing pro who is at the center of the “Stop the Steal” movement and John Basham, a Texas-based meteorologist turned election denier. Sullivan Strickler, the law firm that accessed the data, denies any wrongdoing. Gabriel Sterling of the Georgia Secretary of State’s office warned that “any attempt to illegally access Georgia’s electoral systems will not be tolerated.” (Source: WaPo)

“Oppressive Child Labor”

Alabama Hyundai supplier charged with violating child labor laws

The US Department of Labor has accused SL Alabama, a Korean auto parts maker that makes headlights for Hyundai and Kia, of “employing oppressive child labor” and “minors under the age of 16” at a factory in Alexander City. The company admitted that under-16s had worked at the factory, but said they had been hired by an external recruiter. Last month, Reuters revealed that another Alabama-based Hyundai supplier, SMART Alabama, used child labor. Hyundai issued a statement on Monday saying “it does not condone illegal employment practices at any Hyundai entity”, but recent findings suggest otherwise. (Source: Reuters)


here are some things you should know today:

False alarm. Hungary’s two top weather experts have been fired after their severe weather warning prompted the cancellation of ‘Europe’s biggest fireworks’ on Saturday. The weather turned out to be fine. (Source: BBC) Strike a pose. Usain Bolt filed a petition in the United States to trademark his iconic victory pose: “the silhouette of a man…with one arm bent and pointing up and the other arm raised and pointing up.” (Source: Sky News) Farewell Fauci. Dr Anthony Fauci has announced he will be leaving public service in December to pursue his “next chapter”. He advised seven presidents in a career that spanned more than 50 years. (Source: NYT)


By Jupiter!

The James Webb Space Telescope works its magic – again

Stop what you are doing. NASA released a series of images of Jupiter captured by the telescope’s near-infrared camera in July and made visible by Judy Schmidt, a citizen scientist with no formal training. A standalone photo shows bright auroras from its north and south poles and the Great Red Spot – a storm so violent it could engulf the Earth – as a bright white mark on its lower flank. A wide-angle shot, meanwhile, brings Jupiter’s faint rings and two tiny moons into focus. “We’ve never seen Jupiter like this,” said project manager Imke de Pater. “Everything is pretty amazing.” (Source: PA, Nasa)

A lot of noise

Finland’s prime minister gives negative drug test after party video leaks

A sample provided by Sanna Marin did not contain any trace of narcotics. This after footage of him partying with friends sparked a political storm. Some, especially Conservative critics of the government, have claimed to have heard a voice mention “the flour gang”, supposedly a reference to cocaine… But it is difficult to understand what is being said, and the term does not is not used in Finnish. Meanwhile, the women have taken to social media in solidarity to post pictures of themselves partying. “I hope that in the year 2022 it is accepted that even decision makers dance, sing and go to parties,” the 36-year-old prime minister said. (Source: The Guardian, BBC)

Her heart will go on

… A trip from Portugal to Brazil and back

A Brazilian military plane carrying the preserved heart of Emperor Pedro I landed in Brasilia on Monday, just in time to celebrate 200 years of independence. “The heart will be received as a head of state, he will be treated as if Dom Pedro I still lives among us,” said a Brazilian official. Pedro, the son of Portuguese King John VI, fled to Brazil with his family to escape Napoleon’s invading army. But while Dad returned home in 1821, Pedro stayed and declared independence from Portugal. The heart of the national hero will be taken back to Porto, Portugal after the celebrations. (Source: BBC)

Running of the bulls

A panicked bull races through Israeli streets and into the bank

At least it wasn’t a china shop… A bull escaped from its enclosure and ran through the streets of Lod, near Tel Aviv, on Monday morning. He loaded parked cars and nearly gored a man who got too close, before enter a local bank – followed by a group of men who unsuccessfully attempted to lasso him. Once inside, the confused cattle slipped on tiles as employees half-heartedly tried to chase it away. Thirty minutes later, the bull’s owner was located and a veterinarian was called to calm him down. “No one was injured and no damage was caused,” a bank spokesman said. (Source: PA, Israel Hayom)

Just freshmen

2 Indiana state sycamores among 3 killed in car crash

Christian Eubanks, 18, first-year linebacker and first-year defensive back Caleb VanHooser, 19, died when their car veered off a freeway, hit a tree and caught fire around 1:30 a.m. Sunday. “He dreamed, he lived football. He used to sleep with a soccer ball under his arm,” Eubanks’ mother Rhonda said. Jayden Musili, 19, a sophomore who was not on the football team, was also killed and two redshirt freshmen – Omarian Dixon and John Moore – were injured. Hundreds of people gathered for a vigil outside Sycamore Stadium on Sunday night, with coach Curt Mallory calling it “a terrible day for Indiana State football.” (Source: PA, ABC 7 Chicago)

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