Boomtown launches new hub for regional media planning

Today, Boomtown launched its new “Boomtown Hub”, a tool that helps media planners and advertisers seize regional media opportunities.

The hub includes a comprehensive network of maps, rich category information and a consolidated information portal to assist with regional media planning. Boomtown is designed to connect advertisers with the 8.8 million people living in the Australian region.

Some of the features of the Boomtown Hub include:

  • Interactive media coverage maps and research tools, providing visibility of networks and publishers operating in each regional market
  • Opportunities in digital, television, print, radio and display across hundreds of assets and thousands of markets
  • Access to information on 10 key categories including retail, automotive, finance and travel
  • Streamlined briefing with a path to multiple regional media owners, aimed at improving workflow and reducing manual processes

Boomtown President and SCA Sales Director Brian Gallagher says the hub breaks through barriers that exist when it comes to regional media planning, making it easier and more efficient for advertisers to find audiences.

“We are confident that it will become a valuable tool for the industry and that it will be another step in helping regional media attract the advertising dollars they deserve,” Gallagher said in a statement.

With international travel stopping, it is hoped that Australians will flock to regional destinations for tourism. Likewise, many people leave cities and “work from home” in rural destinations. Governments support regional tourism with various travel plans and dollars are channeled to encourage migration to regional cities.

“Now is the time for advertisers to add regional media to their plans and take advantage of the unprecedented number of people choosing to travel and live in the area, and with the Boomtown Hub now at their fingertips, it will be easier than ever to harness the power of regional audiences for their brands, ”said Dave Walker, general manager of sales and marketing at Prime Media Group.

Cathy W. Howerton