Ayush Agarwal – Assam’s Youngest Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

Ayush Agarwal being a phenom in digital marketing has no doubt had an impressive journey as an entrepreneur and his success is making noise louder than ever.

Ayush Agarwal is a 17-year-old entrepreneur, college student turned digital marketer who is also the founder of Marknet Media, a company with over 20 lakhs in revenue.

Coming from the state of Assam, where everyone is encouraged to become a government official, Ayush chose to find his own path and formed an agency that resonated and represented his ideas.

You must be a strategic planner to cope and succeed. In this pushy world, where most digital agency owners struggle to make their mark in this industry, Ayush Agarwal has proven himself time and time again.

Very active on social networks and adopting a lifelong learning attitude, he was amused by the power of the digital forum, where influencers took over by driving the commercial footprint of brands.

After studying as a student, he began to train and prepare for the ultimate start of his entrepreneurial journey, with every learning he could from social media on top of his full-time studies and contributing to the crucial know-how of its future businesses.

He started taking on freelance projects and after getting constructive responses from his clients,

Having started with just one intern, he now has an unparalleled network of over 1,000 influencers across the country from all major categories and digital platforms, as well as a dedicated, focused and energetic team. Marknet Media has established ongoing business with many well-known brands.

Ayush Agarwal aspires to engage with more people and as an influencer marketing consultant, the goal is to network with more people and show them the other side of this digital world. This is what motivated him to continue and began his chore. Affirming through the results of his work, his constant striving for perfection resulted in a turnover of a million dollars within a few years. To date, he has listened to more than 100 clients, popular in their respective niches and made good business opportunities with several multinationals and Bollywood celebrities helping them and facilitating their work with his digital marketing expertise.

Exploring his vision and sticking to it until it becomes his reality is what drives him to stay motivated and focused in this ever-growing industry. I wish him well as he walks in the footsteps of monumental success and growth.

Cathy W. Howerton