An essential tool for cross-media planning across target groups

A basic principle of media planning is to balance and assign ratings to the entire target market (TM). Media imperatives (MI) was developed to do just that.

In summary, the tool allows users to segment the audience of a medium into light, medium and heavy users (LMH), and to cross LMH users of a second medium. Targeted consumers are then assigned to a particular imperative segment of the matrix, based on their cross-consumption of the two media types examined.

At a glance, planners are able to assess whether the planned program – whether it is TV and radio or TV and reading (digital and print) – is actually reaching everyone. TM segments with similar media weight, and identify the size of each segment and balance the media plan to ensure that the reach and frequency ratings are equal for all consumers.

The Publisher Research Council (PRC) is committed to providing data that media planners find useful and easy to access and has pre-coded MI into the FUSION 2020 survey on Telmar and Clear Decisions. Users can quickly and easily verify that campaigns are reaching all segments of TM and then spread the ratings across the entire IM matrix, making it possible to see which media type combinations provide the best distributed media weight across the market. Marlet.

The detailed deck available on includes SEM data such as the bottom 30% of the market representing less than 10% of sales in many categories, and the SEM Supergroup 5 representing more than 50% of revenue.

In a recent MI presentation to the AMF Coastal Committee, the Publisher Research Council was praised for its commitment to providing the marketing and media industry with informative data that provides deeper insight and to support the crucial role of media planning that meets ROI expectations.

In support of the PRC’s action, this AMF statement summarizes the PRC’s intentions. “In the planning cycle, not enough attention is paid to the cross-media decision-making process, and this is much more crucial in terms of campaign ROI, than the intra-media decision on the individual platforms to select.

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Cathy W. Howerton