Adtech platform offering bespoke media planning and campaign execution

Kunal Kothari

Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer

As digital advertising gains momentum, the advertising technology (adTech) space appears to be a lucrative area among investors. According to current data, ad spend in the digital advertising market is expected to reach $616.00 billion by the end of 2022. In marketing parlance, adtech refers to the digital methodology used to interact and engage with consumers. clients. Online platforms used through digital marketing channels and lead generation have now become a stir among brands to attract more traction. Customer acquisition is a critical goal for brands today, and they go the extra mile to achieve brand loyalty. The key lies in the customer’s engagement with the brand. The more the customer interacts with it, the easier it becomes to communicate the brand’s motive, leading to conversion.

Created in 2017, Mabavenue is a growth and technology platform that allows brands, agencies and publishers to offer MadTech (MarTech & AdTech) solutions to its customers. The company drives skilled execution and deep brand awareness on mobile by leveraging video, social, native and display to reach its partners’ most valuable users. Mobavenue offices are based in nine locations in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Sydney and London.

Revenue generation and retargeting
The era of digital India has seen many more technology-related marketing ploys with results that make a real difference. With the rise of virtual population and digital technology, India’s potential in the adtech industry to improve and prosper is boundless in the future. Custom builds

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