Access Brand Management’s innovative business model builds global brands with customer evangelists that drive sales and growth in a non-traditional way

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Access Brand Management’s innovative business model creates global brands with customer evangelists that drive sales and growth in a non-traditional way.

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A business model, pioneered in China and powered by the Chinese diaspora, is facilitating a new way of doing business. What ICT Tac made for social sharing, Access Brand Management (ABM) made for brands and products. ABM insight: The world is flooded with great products and brands that never see their way to market. Now, through ABM’s proprietary turnkey platform, these game-changing products can come to market and succeed, inspiring an entire ecosystem of small businesses and entrepreneurs whose best products and solutions can now find their way to sales, market penetration and commercial success. .

Powered by ABM, Access Corporate Group’s CRM system, a community of branded entrepreneurs can now build their own business by promoting their life-changing products through established social channels. This distinct group of consumer-merchants are ABM’s strongest advocates and ambassadors, bringing an increased level of influence to drive sales while providing real and insightful customer feedback.

“Of course, there are global platforms where you can list your products for sale, but ABM is the only one that allows our customers to create a distinctive brand,” said Livia Wang, Chief Brand Officer. “Our model is built on effective brand management at Internet speeds, which not only sets our customers up for success, but also includes an industry-leading customer promotion, acquisition and sales process. online retail.” With over 100 international brands on its roster and 100,000 resellers worldwide, ABM’s proven platform extends into North America. But it’s a two-way street: ABM is also looking for great North American products to introduce to Asia and the world, innovative, top-quality products that complement modern healthy lifestyles, that surprise and delight customers.

The key to ABM’s success is the Chinese diaspora, that is, Chinese consumers who have settled in international cities outside of China. These brand-driven, new affluent consumers are always in discovery mode, searching for the next branded product that enhances and makes their lives better and more enjoyable. According to a recent research report*, conducted online in China and Hong Kong and published by Hamazaki Wong, RIWI and Vivintel, more than 130 million Chinese adults plan to migrate to the United States in the next two years, including 60 million Chinese. adults considering moving to Canada. These large numbers are unlikely to materialize (people change their minds, destination country quotas are restrictive, immigration policy, family status may change, etc.), but their magnitude and effect on the world – and consumer markets – cannot be overlooked.

By following its customers, ABM has cultivated KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and KOCs (Key Opinion Consumers), a global army of evangelists, for their products and brands. KOLs are important, but just as meaningful, ABM has cultivated a world of KOCs – Key Opinion Consumers – ABM Ambassadors who are true product advocates. KOCs are buyers who influence their immediate circle of family and friends, creating genuine engagements that complement KOLs in a meaningful way. In this way, ABM fosters a merit-based non-traditional marketplace that is accessible, turnkey, and optimized for quick and efficient time-to-market, without the need for the major start-up processes associated with traditional brand management.

ABM has identified Canada as its next country of expansion. Hot Expo, ABM’s highly acclaimed international brand expo, debuted in North Vancouver on July 17-18. By organizing a two-day fashion brand exhibition, ABM brought to Canada 10 popular brands from Australia, New Zealand and the United States in the wellness, beauty and lifestyle sectors. The event drew over 2,500 attendees from the Greater Vancouver area, including buyers, media, entrepreneurs and influencers with online follower lists exceeding 10 million. It is believed to be the largest celebrity brand selection event in Canada in 2022, attracting thousands of attendees.

“With its rich diversity of customers and acceptance of cultures, the Canadian market is a natural next step for Access. Our launch in July as well as our engagement with KOLs and KOCs has already proven successful. We look forward to fostering lasting and prosperous relationships fueled by ABM,” said Ms. Wang.

About Access Corporate Group

Founded in 2017, Access Corporate Group is an innovative and comprehensive brand management company with a global commerce ecosystem that provides an end-to-end connection between brands and consumers. With a holistic approach to brand development, marketing and distribution, Access connects ten million consumers worldwide to a curated selection of premium beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands. Key to its success is Access Brand Management (ABM), its innovative and pioneering reseller management platform, which empowers a thriving community of brand influencers to build their own businesses for successful entrepreneurship through established social channels. Access is founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, with a mission to become one of the top ten brand management companies in the world.

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