A media company for the modern age, Estilo Media is here to help your brand get noticed by all the right people

Estilo Media founders Jasmine Cheung and Michelle Lee are a dynamic duo with a visionary approach to brand building.

Friends for more than a decade, Jasmine Cheung and Michelle Lee are two kindred spirits passionate about communication. In 2015, the couple thought deeply about how they could use their skills to help others and seized the opportunity to create Estilo Media. The company was initially engaged in merchant sourcing operations. At the same time, the founders took the time to develop their vision for the business while remaining heavily invested in their freelance careers.

Jasmine continued to work in public relations, honing her marketing and writing skills. Meanwhile, Michelle has remained invested in the publishing industry, even producing content for radio and television. “We belonged to two different chains in the same sector,” says Jasmine. With collectively over 20 years of industry experience between them and a range of skills in their arsenal, they knew they had the building blocks to create something unique.

Michelle Lee and Jasmine Cheung

In 2019, Jasmine and Michelle took on a more active role, developing Estilo Media’s other services and solutions. Estilo Media would present itself as a modern media company. “When people think of media, they tend to think of traditional formats like print media and old-fashioned public relations. We call ourselves a modern company because we actively strive to take advantage of new forms of communication, which are largely digital platforms,” says Jasmine.

Undoubtedly, the field of social media alone has become an increasingly complex web. Facebook and Instagram no longer hold a monopoly as short-form video platforms like TikTok are changing the game. Even portals like LinkedIn have become a go-to among professionals for organizing followers and connecting to global networks.

Estilo Media is committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and multinational corporations (MNEs) navigate the rapidly changing digital world and stay connected with traditional brand development. “We try to combine these routes to create a hybrid solution that can be personalized according to the wishes and needs of our customers to target the right audience”, summarizes Jasmine.

Estilo Media - Michelle Lee
michelle lee

Although Estilo Media initially aimed to create a presence and build brands for SMEs, Jasmine and Michelle were surprised to engage in the business of large corporations, including publicly listed companies and government-related bodies. . Savvy storytellers knew it was time to expand Estilo Media’s services after talking to small business owners.

“We would hear them talk themselves out of hiring our services, saying they weren’t ideal because their businesses weren’t big enough yet. We would tell them that no company is too small to invest in public relations, branding or marketing. Branding has to start somewhere, and you don’t have to be a big company to work on your image,” says Jasmine. Today, Estilo Media offers solutions and smaller packages for SMEs and start-ups, believing that branding and advertising are necessary to give your business an edge.

Estilo Media has solid experience and an extensive network in all industries. Nurturing a solid and stable pool of clients, media and affiliated companies, Estilo Media draws from a wide range of media and communication solutions. From social media, digital campaigns and market influencers, the company knows how to give your business the positive exposure it needs. Estilo Media’s services include advertising strategy and media planning, digital media and marketing, television, radio, consumer media and billboards, public relations, event management and content marketing.

At the height of the pandemic, Estilo Media experienced exponential growth, increasing the expansion of its business and team as the team grew from two to 20 people. “During the lockdown, we couldn’t go anywhere and had plenty of time to brainstorm, strategize, plan and expand our areas of business focus. When we were ready to test the market, we were pleasantly surprised to see the interest we generated,” says Jasmine.

Estilo Media - Jasmine Cheung
Jasmine Cheung

Moving with the times, Estilo Media had to adapt quickly to its expansion. Initial hires were through virtual interviews, followed by onboarding, training and subsequent meetings in a digital space. “It was a bit difficult at first. Communications and PR is a people game, and not being able to meet with them regularly has been a big adjustment for us,” comments Jasmine. “Virtual brainstorming was also a real challenge,” adds Michelle.

Luckily, Jasmine and Michelle knew what qualities they were looking for to make the perfect team. “We were looking for people with a lot of experience and emphasized the importance of being flexible, adaptable and a team player”, mentions Jasmine. Michelle agrees: “Our current team’s greatest asset is teamwork. We are like family and blessed that the core team works so closely together.

Jasmine shares Michelle’s sentiment. “Even though every company has its hierarchy, we have no interest in the old-fashioned ‘I say, you do’ attitude. When we hire, we want people with different skill sets to be willing to share their insights. I have my area of ​​expertise, as does Michelle, and it takes teamwork to combine those strengths. It can never be a one-man show that produces great results.

For now, Estilo Media is a force to be reckoned with that remains on an upward trajectory, with its founders remaining humble. They hope to continue to focus on building better relationships in public relations and media communications. “The industry changes every day,” says Jasmine. “We want to continue to improve the quality of our services for our customers as we establish our brand.”

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Cathy W. Howerton