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CHICAGO, June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 21 Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of The Jel Sert Company, the leading maker of frozen frozen drinks for half a century and producer of SLIQ Spirited Ice, has chosen BrandMuscle for its brand needs management and printing of points of sale. BrandMuscle’s trusted channel marketing automation solution will provide customizable point-of-sale marketing templates to 21 Holdings’ many distributors, giving their reps a seamless and efficient way to personalize, print and manage assets brand-consistent marketing. BrandMuscle’s brand management capabilities will save distributor representatives time, money and materials, which will accelerate time to market and brand awareness, while 21 Holdings will expand the presence of its brand of frozen cocktails SLIQ Spirited Ice in grocery stores and liquor stores.

Launching in April 2021, SLIQ Spirited Ice’s award-winning frozen cocktails draw inspiration from nostalgic classics while offering a fresh, modern take on the ready-to-drink cocktail and hard seltzer kick. Packaged in portable, portion-controlled, recyclable tubes, SLIQ Spirited Ice offers a variety of flavors available in vodka, agave, rum and whiskey packs. The shelf-stable lollipops, designed to be frozen at home, are currently available online at the brand’s website and at select US retailers nationwide. As a priority in 2022, 21 Holdings is focusing on offsite promotion, expanding the distribution of SLIQ Spirited Ice’s core variety packs in local markets. BrandMuscle’s user-friendly, customizable templates and industry relationships will allow distributor representatives to take the brand to the next level.

With so many liquor brands to choose from and limited store space, 21 Holdings will leverage BrandMuscle’s brand management capabilities and help SLIQ Spirited Ice’s crisp and colorful point-of-sale assets capture attention. consumers. With 20 years of experience partnering with liquor distributors and suppliers, BrandMuscle understands the complexities of liquor marketing and how to drive local awareness and sales.

“As SLIQ is a new brand in the emerging category of ready-to-freeze alcoholic beverages, known as RTFs, it is critical for us to educate consumers about the availability of carbonated beverages at retail, while simultaneously doing so in an engaging and fun way. says Gavin Wegner, Senior Brand Manager of SLIQ Spirited Ice. “Our custom and versatile POS assets available through BrandMuscle solve this problem and are easily accessible by our respective distributor representatives, who are already used to working within this excellent platform.”

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About SLIQ Spirited Ice

Spiritual Ice Cream SLIQ is the fastest growing premium frozen cocktail brand offering authentic and popular frozen cocktails infused with premium spirits and natural flavors. Each pop in its base variety packs is under 100 calories, 8% ABV, and only gluten-free, vegan, and kosher ingredients. Providing just the right amount of sweetness, each portion-controlled tube is recyclable through TerraCycle. Through brand-driven marketing tactics and partners such as iHeart Media & Barstool Sports, SLIQ has developed a loyal following of consumers, influencers and tastemakers with featured placements in Forbes, PureWow, Maxim , etc. To learn more and find SLIQ near you, visit www.sliqspiritedice.com and follow on @sliqspiritedice.

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BrandMuscle is the leader in local and integrated channel marketing, serving more than 175 of the world’s biggest brands, with 750 professionals across five offices around the world. BrandMuscle provides marketers and their channel partners with the solutions, insights, and expertise to deliver an exceptional and consistent local brand experience. The BrandMuscle intelligent local marketing platform simplifies and scales digital and physical marketing execution, enabling brands to acquire and retain the best customers, retain them, increase revenue and maximize ROI . For more information about BrandMuscle, visithttps://www.brandmuscle.com/or call (866) 464-4342.


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