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In a year that has been more of a hangover from 2020 than a year for bright new beginnings, major global sporting events have played a giant role in distracting us from the trauma of the COVID-19 world. In Japan, thousands of athletes came together to give us a remarkable Olympic experience. In Europe and South America, football fans were treated to a football feast as the best players in the world took to the stage. And in the United States, huge changes have taken place that should shape professional sports in particular. So sit back, relax, and enjoy today’s daily dose as we showcase OZY’s best sports coverage from the past year.

All Changes

1 – The new face of sport

Nelson Mandela knew that sports had the power to bring about change and used it to lay the foundations for the post-apartheid Rainbow Nation of South Africa. “Sport can create hope where once there was only despair,” the Nobel laureate once said. Today, one look at the biggest stars of the most popular sports is enough to see that change is coming faster than ever. Racism and machismo have long been a bitter reality in elite sport. But a new generation of athletes – from rodeo athletes to refugees and hoops to hitters – is fundamentally changing the look of our favorite sports.

2 – A better new world for baseball

It’s the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. . . calm. But after 150 years and a global pandemic that changed, well, everything, baseball just isn’t the same. How is the game watched? Amended. How is the game played, thanks to technological innovations? Amended. We dug into what happened to the baseball we knew to see if it can ever become America’s favorite pastime again. Beat you !

3 – A new NFL landscape

The league is at a pivotal moment: its brand politicized, its audience shrunk by COVID-19 and many of its stars retired. Football needs new stars to galvanize a new generation of sports fans — not just for the NFL, but for the networks that are spending $100 billion on games they hope will draw viewers to their new football efforts. streaming. In short, tomorrow’s NFL players won’t just be tasked with winning games; they will also redefine what it means to be a modern athlete.

2021 through a sports lens

1 – 2021 was a football party

For four glorious weeks last summer, the world’s best male players strutted through stadiums across Europe and Brazil during the European Football Championship and Copa America respectively. Around the world, day and night, millions of fans were glued to their screens. But let’s not forget that the first football championships in Europe and South America took place in the shadow of political unrest and the risks associated with COVID-19. We feature the rising stars and key new trends in the world of international football.

2 – Modern cheaters

Doping undermines public confidence in athletics and every sport involved – not just in countries known to concoct systematic doping measures, but right here in the United States. Worse still, offenders take money, fame and glory from honest competitors. We’ve taken the time to delve into the fight against high-level dopers and culprits and highlight how cutting-edge and controversial technologies are shaking up the sports world.

3 – Tokyo surprises

The Tokyo Games provided surefire spectacles: an over-the-top opening ceremony, tumbling records and tears of joy to name a few. But they also spoke of events and precedents that no one could have expected. There were shocking failures and miracle moments that had to be seen to be believed. As such, we thought it appropriate to fill you in on the biggest and most outrageous surprises in the Games for the Ages, dear reader.

College sports have changed forever

1 – The next big change in college sports

On September 3, nearly 70,000 fans shouted the Virginia Tech Hokies entrance song, Enter Sandman by Metallica, during the season opener. The Virginia Tech crowd was so amplified that their rendition of the rock classic registered as seismographic activity. But there are other tremors that are reshaping college sports. How will the U.S. Supreme Court’s summer ruling allowing student-athletes to make money through sponsorships play out on campus? From colleges rethinking the role of sports to game-changing legal cases, we’re giving you a seat in court on changes that could fundamentally alter the relationship between the NCAA, school campuses and athletes.

2 – Black athletes take center stage

Ohio State University, Alabama, Gonzaga – the college sports royalty we know and love or despise. But what if we told you that the recent wave of anti-racism activism that has swept across America in 2020 is also helping to reshape the world of college sports? Embracing what observers call a heightened “racial consciousness,” elite black athletes today are drawn to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). It’s a trend that could reshape the world of college sports.

3 – The field moves under varsity sports

This year, varsity athletes completed the ultimate Hail Mary. In June, the United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the NCAA violated antitrust laws by limiting the benefits schools could provide to their athletes. The NCAA’s Division I board then recommended that schools in some states be allowed to decide whether college sports stars can earn money through their personal brands. What does it mean? Basically, it paves the way for college athletes, hundreds of whom are sports stars in their own right, to one day get paid. It’s a decision that will likely shake up the billion-dollar college athletics industry, not just economically, but also academically and culturally, given how the sport touches on all spheres of American life.

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